Wayfinding Eppan

Every tourist destination needs a good wayfinding system: providing pedestrians and cyclists with information, orientation and signposting is crucial for ensuring an unclouded experience. The Eppan Tourist Association tasked us with developing a wayfinding system for the town of Appiano/Eppan and the surrounding area. This extensive municipality situated along the South Tyrolean Wine Road has a lot to offer visitors, with local sights including castles, fortresses, manors and cultural buildings. Several of Eppan’s points of interest required signposting and information panels for better accessibility.


In this respect, local authorities set a key requirement: the wayfinding system needed to be in tune with the existing urban architecture, and reflect the identity of Eppan’s various hamlets without disrupting the aesthetics of the town centre. This was achieved by developing a design that blends harmoniously into the surrounding environment through carefully chosen shapes, colours and materials. As a result, navigation becomes a natural, seamless part of the landscape. 


The creation of the guidance system required a high degree of precision: the map was made with a user-centred approach and – just like the icons – is based on a clear, discreet colour concept.

The project, which spanned several months, involved carrying out a series of analyses in cooperation with the Tourist Association and the municipal administration, as well as developing a draft concept, creating prototypes and collecting feedback. Several trials were made for optimisation. 

As a result, Eppan can now offer all its citizens and visitors a better experience thanks to its new, compelling wayfinding system.

Client:Eppan Tourist Association
Services:Wayfinding system