[Translate to English:] Caroma Fahrzeugbeschriftung

This is a story of passion. The passion for good coffee, which young Valentin Hofer followed to the point of making it his career. Decades later, his passion has not dwindled, and his life and work still revolve around coffees of extraordinary quality. When Valentin met Brand Gorillas, his passion became our inspiration to create branding as exceptional as his coffees. What we did was create a consistent experience across all brand contact points, which include a shop, the Coffeeseum and the open-view roastery, which we contributed to designing. By incorporating the brand’s distinctive design elements into the whole journey, the customer is offered an experience as intense as the aroma of coffee itself.

The immersion into the Caroma world does not end at the brand’s premises in Völs am Schlern. To offer coffee enthusiasts a consistent, all-round experience, we involved our whole team with their diverse fields of expertise. The result is a “coffeeverse” that includes everything from a subtle logo makeover to an online shop, and from videos and social media content to catering equipment and events, as well as packaging for Caroma’s gourmet rarities.

And as we fall more and more in love with coffee, new pages are added to the Caroma story, ready to be written on.

[Translate to English:] Caroma Fahrzeugbeschriftung
[Translate to English:] Caroma Packaging Detail
[Translate to English:] Caroma Packaging sortenreine Kaffees
CAROMA Detailhandel Romeo & Julia
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[Translate to English:] Caroma Design Tassen und Becher
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[Translate to English:] Caroma Kursbroschüre
[Translate to English:] Caroma Kursbroschüre: Unterlagen für Schüler
ClientCaroma, Völs am Schlern
ServicesGeneral branding, since 2010